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6 Monthly Dental Check-up & Clean

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had your dental check-up? Months … or even years ago?

If you're not a getting your regular dental check-ups every 6 months, there’s a good chance you’re susceptible to gum disease or a whole plethora of other dental problems like gingivitis and dental decay.

Checkups are an easy way of early detection that can prevent serious dental health issues from developing.

During the checkup, your dentist performs a fast and comfortable digital imaging that allows the dentist a precise view of your mouth. Panoramic X-Ray may also be used during this process. Lastly, your dentist takes images of the lining of your mouth using an intraoral camera to explain what the dentist is seeing during this examination.

Some other things we cover during your checkups:

  • Main areas of concern
  • Thorough examination
  • Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Treatment plan

Avoid Gum Disease Altogether

Gum disease not only has some severe consequences for your oral health, but it’s shown warning signs of potentially life-threatening conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.

There has been much research to indicate that women with periodontal disease are three to five times more likely to give birth to a premature baby compared to women without any form of gum disease.

Other studies have indicated an increased risk of oral cancer with periodontal disease or tooth loss. Therefore, gingival health is essential not just for a healthy smile but also for a healthy body.

Although you may not be showing any symptoms, it is still possible that you might still have some degree of gum disease. Hence, regular dental examinations are vital as your dentist can detect any potential problems that you may not even be aware of.

Get Your Kids in for Their Check-ups

It’s really important to start your kids early with dental visits. One important tip before you bring your children to the dentist is to inform them of what they can expect.

Let them know someone is going to be looking at their teeth. However, you don’t need to try to explain the dental procedures thoroughly. The dental staff will most likely have child-friendly names and will introduce your child to everything. Remember we want you and your children to feel comfortable every time you come in.

We try to have gifts for young children after their visits like a tooth brush or stickers to provide positive reinforcements. This helps ensure your children are motivated to take care of their oral health themselves in the future.

Dental checkups are crucial not just for kids … but adults too. Have your dental exams done with the dentist every 6 months to ensure continued healthy oral cavity.

Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists here at Implicit Dental and get your 6-monthly check-up and clean booked in.

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