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Implicit Dental offer flexible partial denture(bio- dentaplast)

At Implicit Dental we are trained by bredent in Germany to offer The latest German technology introduces:

  • Invisible
  • Light
  • Flexible

The advances of modern dentistry are astounding. Developments such as Bio-Dentaplast dentures are the result of the latest technology from Germany.
Bio-Dentaplast is light and removable partial denture that people find very comfortable. They are practically invisible and completely eliminate the metal clasps that you may have seen on other partial dentures with the option of tooth colour. The material used in Bio-Dentaplast make this product perfect for people with sensitive mouths with allergies, especially if a foreign substance causes unpleasant, health-hazardous symptoms in their bodies.

The materials that are processed with this system are Thermoplastics with properties that are clearly superior to the chemical and mechanical properties of any other type of denture.

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Implicit Dental offer flexible patial denture(bre.Flex)

Is a denture base material that is entirely free from monomers for the fabrication of flexible partial dentures. The colour pigments used for bre.flex are cadmium-free, do not contain any metal oxides.

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Implicit Dental offer flexible patial denture(peek)

A modified poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) as an alternative material for the fabrication of removable denture frameworks. This material can be used for patients allergic to metals, or who dislike the metallic taste, the weight, and the unpleasant metal display of the denture framework and retentive clasps. This modified PEEK material, known as BioHPP, is a biocompatible, no allergic, rigid material, with flexibility comparable to bone, high polishing and low absorption properties, low plaque affinity, and good wear resistance. It has been used for years in orthopedics and medical technology.

PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic and unlike metal dentures, is tasteless & will not get hot or cold when the patient is eating or drinking.

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Metal partial denture

A partial denture is a removable appliance replacing one or more missing natural teeth and associated tissues. It is supported by the natural remaining teeth and gums. It replaces what is lost and preserves what is left.

A partial Denture is essential for the conservation of natural teeth, wear and tear is minimised by distributing the chewing forces between natural and artificial teeth. Health of the gums is imperative for reducing tooth loss.

The retention of a partial denture is obtained by attachment to natural teeth, using a stainless steel or metal clasps. Metal clasps are precise fitting and food will collect around them, which can cause plaque.

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