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Abe suction denture by Implicit Dental

This denture system is developed by Dr. AEB in Tokyo and now is available Sydney/Australia by Implicit Dental

Despite the rising clinical reliance on implant therapy to treat patients with no teeth, the vast majority of patients can only afford dentures and need practitioners who can offer this important treatment option with competence. However, fewer practitioners than ever are incorporating advancements in denture fabrication into their practice. At Implicit Dental we utilize a dramatic new approach to complete denture prosthetics that combines an advanced four-step fabrication technique with effective lower denture suction. Using the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS)  A new approach to impression taking which is using a frame cut-back tray to record the gum and the underlying bony structures and to minimize any distortion. This impression technique allows for a more accurate denture form and, thus, better denture suction. resulting in management of complex cases of compete for upper and lower denture as well as aesthetic enhancement of the patient.

Ultrasuction dentures system

Implicit Dental was one of first to implement UltraSuction Denture in Sydney/Australia

At Implicit Dental, We provide UltraSuction Denture system that eliminates the traditional woes of denture wearers. Too often, poor quality dentures are accompanied by embarrassing problems like slippage. Many denture wearers are forced to resort to using adhesives to avoid these embarrassing situations. Long term use of adhesives can be dangerous, though, as they are washed out of the mouth and into the digestive system with food or drink.

Most poor quality dentures slip into the mouth and slip out very easily during conversation or while eating. 1 in 4 of denture wearers in Australia resort to the use of adhesives to help keep their dentures in. The adhesives adhere the dentures to the mouth but wash out easily. The adhesive is then swallowed and, since it is designed to adhere to skin, the adhesive adheres to intestine walls.

How does it work?

A special profiled space is created in the inner side of your denture (suction chamber). Two tiny Ultra Suction™ valves are then inserted into your denture, one each side. When you wear your denture and bite firmly, the air trapped between your gum and the denture is expelled through the valves. The result: a better fit to the gum and a more stable denture, giving you a firm and secure feeling.

To remove your denture, you simply lift it up.

Ultra Suction™ can be fitted by your Implicit Dental on either your existing dentures or at the same time as the making of your new set of dentures.

Is it right for me?

In general terms, if you wear full dentures, Ultra Suction™ should improve considerably the stability of your dentures, resulting in a firm and secure feeling. Moreover, in most upper denture cases, with Ultra Suction™, At Implicit Dental we may be able to reduce the size of the plastic plate, improving both phonetics and taste. You should, however always consult your us to advise whether Ultra Suction™ is suitable for you.

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